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Wild Bunch Match


Main Match Sponsor:  Special thanks to Bear Creek Supply for donating packets of lead to all Final Showdown participants!  Emergen-C for donating packets to all Final Showdown participants!  Civil & Environmental Consultants, Inc.

Vendors:    Appalachian Bullet Company, Patriot Casting,  Cowboy Outpost, Cowboy  .....thanks so much for spending time with us and we hope you had fun and come back!

Stage Sponsors:   Appalachian Bullet Company,  Herzog Jewelry, High Caliber Pistol Instruction, Patriot Casting, Three Gun Jake and The Wyoming Wannabe, Scioto Territory Desperados, Specialty Auto and RV Sales, and an Anonymous sponsor.

Donators:   Appalachian Bullet Company,  CEC,  Herzog Jewelry, Jim "Darby" Harmeson - Farrier C.F.,  Patriot Casting,  Vance's, Ohio Cowboy Action shooting clubs, and OVV members:  many thanks for your kind donations. 

Chuck Wagon Crew:   Lake Jones, Pita Cowboy Wayne, Mexican Cowboy Adam, Silver Iron Maiden, Red Headed Broad,  Miss Dawn, and the rest of the crew.....YOU OUTDID YOURSELVES!

T-Shirt Artwork and Kings Match Art:  Vinton "Johnny Tyler" Erwin (Useless Houston's nephew) 

King's Match Winner:


Col. Caleb Boone

Ruthless & DJ

Team Event:       Winners:  Campo Kid, Rowdy Bishop

 Awards Photos were taken by Lauren Brandt: 

2011 Final Showdown Overall Lady and Man Winners

Sage Chick
Campo Kid

Top 10 Ladies

Sage Chick 1st
Two Sons 2nd
Honey B. Quick 3rd
Clementine Valentine 4th
Josie Marcus 5th
Prissy Britches 6th
Fancy Free Spirit 7th
Lady Crossdraw 8th
Fowl Lady 9th
Luscious Liza 10th
Top 10 Men
Campo Kid 1st
Lassiter 2nd
Two Bit Drifter 3rd
Ol Short Tom 4th
Kilbourne Kid 5th
Cheyenne Culpepper 6th
Dirty Chris 7th
Sam Eells 8th
Brass Picker Jones 9th
Faygo Kid 10th
"B" Western
Elanor Jewel 1st

"B" Western
Cheyenne Culpepper 1st
Faygo Kid 2nd
Larkin Skaggs 3th

49er - Ladies
Honey B. Quick 1st
Lady Crossdraw 2nd
Fowl Lady 3rd
Bo Darlin 4th

Two Bit Drifter 1st
Rowdy Bishop 2nd
Wild Wyatt Wolf 3rd
Harold "Doc" Adams 4th
Hershey Barr 5th
Both Barrel Brad 6th
Wedge 7th
Backshootin Beauford McGhee 8th
Desperado Doug 9th
Ivan The Butcher 10th

Horrible Hogan 1st
Stone Creek Kid 2nd
Lightening Jones 3rd

Classic Cowboy
Loco Leadslinger 1st
Buffalo Dick 2nd
Useless Huston 3rd
Johnny tyler 4th
Kilbourne Kid 1st
Brass Picker Jones 2nd
Mad Mongo 3rd
Trainwreck 4th
Stillwater 5th
Jersey Joe 6th
Sammy Southpaw 7th
China 8th

Sage Chick 1st
Miss Lizzie Schrum 2nd
Blue Hare 3rd
Holly Woody 4th

Duelist - Ladies
Kit Coleen 1st
Red Rose Reva 2nd

Sam Eells 1st
Ole Rattlesnake 2nd
Doc Stevens 3rd

Elder statesman
Darby 1st
BB Hayner 2nd
Teton Tomahawk 3rd
Last Gun 4th
Paragon Pete 5th
Candy Mkr 6th

Frontier Cartridge Senior
Life-R 1st
Ole Saddlebags 2nd
Col Cord McNalley 3rd


Frontier Cartridge Duelist 
Buffalo Balu 1st
Ruger Ray 2nd
Crazy Mingo 3rd
Wagon Master Duke 4th
Slow Poke Smith 5th
Swiss 6th


FC Traditional - Ladies
Crazy Kate 1st
Fancy fee Spirit 2nd

Frontiersman Traditional
Dirty Chris 1st
I.M. Crossdraw 2nd
Crazy Cryder 3rd
Three Gun Jake 4th


Mike Fink 1st
Marcus Allen 2nd
Ohio Cheating Charlie 3rd

Gunfighter - Ladies
Clementine Valentine 1st
Rose Lousie Reasoner 2nd
Little Mamma 3rd

Lassiter 1st
Boaz Longhorn 2nd
Red Eye Amos 3rd
Porkchop Jonny 4th

Pale Rider Gunfighter
Stone Creek Drifter 1st
Black Jack Beeson 2nd
Prairie Dawg 3rd

Senior - Ladies
Stage Coach Hannah 1st
Cookie Sewgoode 2nd

Senior - Men's
Pickaway Tracker 1st
R.S. Dancer 2nd
Kid Kcid 3rd
Swiftwater Jack 4th
Col. Caleb Boone 5th
Uncle Pepper Young 6th

Senior Duelist
Smokin Iron 1st
Scout 1st

Silver Senior - Ladies
Two Sons 1st
Positive Patti 2nd

Silver Senior - Men's
Ol Short Tom 1st
Persimmon Dan 2nd
K. C. Jones 3rd
Shotgun Chavez 4th
Yee Haw 5th
Old Iron Hip 6th
Corbin Dallas 7th
Cactus Creek 8th

Senior Gunfighter
Cripple Creek Kid 1st
Dusty Feller 2nd
Wilbur Green Rexroat 3rd
Jed Steele 4th

Wrangler - Ladies
Josie Marcus 1st
Prissy Britches 2nd
Luscious Liza 3rd
Ani Two Feathers 4th

Wrangler - Men's
Gray Hare 1st
Bad Creek Kid 2nd
Mean Gun Mark 3rd
Pvt. T.K. Parts 4th
Moosetracks 5th
One More Woody 6th

Young Gun Boy
Campo Kid 1st