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S&S Midwest Fire Protection is in the business of protecting what matters most to you. Whether it is your family, your business, your home, or other personal property, we are thoroughly concerned with keeping your people and property protected from the negative affects a fire can have on them. S&S Midwest Fire Protection provides fire protection service, inspection, testing, maintenance, repair, installations (new-build & renovations), & design/engineering/consulting services with the talent & expertise of any larger long-established fire protection-contracting firm. 
We are a young, motivated, professionally-driven fire protection company looking to prove that our brand in the fire protection industry, and in this market, is a fresh unique perspective on how the entire construction process with MEP trade subcontractors should work: seamlessly and consistently. S&S Midwest Fire Protection is the most consistent, expert-driven fire protection services provider for new and existing businesses who want to experience a fresh perspective on the long-standing fire protection field. 

Our fire protection solutions described above are delivered in multiple ways to business and residential owners in Central Ohio and surrounding areas. Our target customers will be general contractors, business owners, property managers, construction managers, building maintenance staff, engineering/architectural firms, realtors, and homebuilders throughout Ohio in the commercial, industrial, residential, and governmental sectors. 

We will strive to earn each and every customers' trust and loyalty. Our strategy for becoming these customers' preferred fire protection contractor is to continuously do more, ask more questions, close the communication gap, and always ensure their issue or problem at hand is solved at the end of each day. Our commitments will 100% be met because this is how we believe it should be. 

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S&S Midwest Fire Protection is in the business of protecting what matters most to you.
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